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Show-n-Prove Showcase 2017

Regular Registration: $125.00/per player
Multi-player Discount: $90.00 per player (5 or more per team)
 Rate is only good for members of the same team
Highschool/AAU Teams Contact Kimberly Davis Powell
5th-7th Registration: $75.00/per player

Deadline: Thursday, September 21 at noon


McDonald's Selections Committee Member, Scouts, College Scouts and Media Outlets will be in Attendance


September 23-24, 2017
Mainland High School

5 High School Courts under 1 Roof
1255 W International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
NCAA Certified

This year marks the 17th  year of competition for the Showcase (in conjunction with Super Showcase in Atlanta, GA)

Competition for the Show-n-Prove Super Showcase Weekend will be hosted at the beautiful facilities of the Vince Carter Athletic Center (5 courts under 1 roof)

 The Showcase is designed to elevate your game to new heights with deliberate skills development training with emphasis on fundamentals. Show-N-Prove is another installment in providing the best circuit for players to improve their skills as well as showcase their talents.

We have featured such stars as current professional players: Kelsey Bone (New York Liberty), Tiffany Hayes (Atlanta Dream),  Ivory Latta (Washington Mystics),  Dewanna Bonner (Phoenix Mercury) ), and current professional players and  former WNBA players and April Sykes, Sherrill Baker, Erica White, Ashley Shields, Latangela Atkinson, Courtney Paris, Courtney Parish.

The 2017 McDonald's  and Jordan Game All-Americans that participated: Rennia Davis (Tennessee), Janelle Bailey (North Carolina), Rellah Booth (Texas), Megan Walker (UConn) and Maya Dodson(Stanford).

Past McDonald’s participants also have participated in the past: Asia Durr (Louisville), Brianna Fraser (Maryland), Te’a Cooper (Tennessee), Jordan Hosey (Texas), and Destinee Walker (North Carolina). Ieshia Small (Baylor), Kahleah Cooper (Rutgers), Alexis Prince (Baylor), Niya Johnson (Baylor),  Areil Massengale (Tennessee), Briyona Canty (Rutgers), Betnijah Laney (Rutgers), Brianna Banks (UConn),  Kaleena Mosqueda- Lewis (UConn), Cassie Peoples (Texas), JaTarie White (South Carolina), Lynee Belton (Duke), Sierra Calhoun (Duke), Shakayla Thomas (Florida State), Aja Wilson (South Carolina).

Additionally, McDonald’s All-Americans  Kanisha Horne (Southern California), Richa Jackson (Duke), Chante Black (Duke),  Rashanda McCants (UNC), Abby Waner (Duke), Alexis-Gray-Lawson ( California) ,Jacki Gemelos ( Southern California), Tiffany Hayes (UCONN), April Sykes (Rutgers), Erica Wheeler (Rutgers),  as well as NCAA Final Four participants Whitney Hand (Oklahoma), Becky Burke (Lousiville), and many more have all participated in the Showcase as well.


Eligible Players: Female players in the class of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Added Division:  5th-7th graders are invited to participate and be placed on teams according to their age group. Limited to 40 players.

Members of Teams Welcomed: Highschool and AAU members of the same team will have the opportunity train and play as a team. Teams will play against other highschool/AAU teams. 3 game guarantee.
Contact Kimberly Davis Powell @

Individual Skill Development: Players/Teams will engage in a series of skill development drills and team drills. 

Camp Teams and Games: 8-10 players per team / each player will play in three (3)  games. Games consist of two (2) twenty minute running clock halves.

All-Skill Games: Top campers will have an opportunity to participate in a series of All-Skills Games.

Teams Welcomed: Highschool and AAU teams will have the opportunity train and play as a team. Teams will play against other highschool/AAU teams. 3 game guarantee.
Contact Kimberly Davis Powell @

All players, as an individual camp or coming with an AAU or High School team, will play 3 games and will have the opportunity to be selected for the All-Skills Game. 

Kelvin and Kimberly Powell have been hosting events across the country for over 15 years.  Kelvin is known as one of the top scouts in the country that has a specialty of identifying talent at a young age. Kimberly has served on the USA Basketball Court Coach staff with the history of running one of the top travel clubs in the state of Florida.


Show-n-Prove (in conjunction with Super Showcase in Atlanta, GA) has been one the only events in the South with an extensive history of Alumni.  No event in the south has a alumni list with as many McDonald’s All-Americans, WBCA All-Americans, USA Basketball invites, WNBA (present and past) players, etc. 

September 23-24, 2017
5 High School Courts under 1 Roof
1255 W International Speedway Blvd

Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

Nearest airports to facility:

Daytona Beach International Airport - 2 miles from the facility

Orlando International Airport - 65 miles from the facility

Melbourne International Airport - 88 miles from the facility

Jacksonville International Airport - 107 miles from facility

General Admission

Daily Passes Only Adult Pass           Student Pass                     
Saturday $10.00 $8.00                        
Sunday $10.00 $8.00

6 and under Free


For 2017, ALL athletes MUST have a profile in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS)  and  a complete profile is required BEFORE the athlete can participate in any event (individual and team events)  where college coaches are evaluating players.



  • BBCS will send you an email to the email provided. 
  • Go to your email and click "Please click here to confirm your registration."
  • Once you have clicked  that link, the account has been created


  • Return to and login. 
  • Click on Basic Information tab and then My Course Information section.
    • Click on the links for the education material provided - 2 minute video, brochure, etc.  Once completed you will not  have to watch the video again this spring and summer season.


  • Return to and login. 
  • Check the box next to "I certify that I have taken this course."
  • Complete the School Information tab
  • Once completed, the event will be able to verify that you are allowed to participate. 

Any questions, please contact: for assistance.

All Coaches and/or Court Trainers


All coaches/trainers whose teams are participating in NCAA Certified Events April 15-17, April 22-24, July 6-12, July 23-29, Sept 24-24 will have to complete the NCAA required background check and educational course before being allowed to sit on the bench, coach a team or lead drills during camp session in an NCAA-certified event.

Complete Background Check
- Click Here
Instructions for Completing Background Check - Click Here

Mandatory Educational Course - Click Here
Instructions for the Mandatory Educational Course - Click Here

Instructions for the Certification Process for Coaches - Click Here

NCAA Team Registration BBCS
Click Here

All trainers must complete the background check and then be entered in to the NCAA Basketball Certification System  (BBSC) as a coach in order to participate in the camp.

All coaches must complete the background check and then be entered in to the NCAA Basketball Certification System  (BBSC) as a coach that 1) created a roster in the BBCS, 2) added as an assistant coach in the BBCS, or 3) hired as a coach at an individual event.

All teams participating at a NCAA certified event must register online through NCAA Team Registration BBCS prior to reporting to participating in the event. Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated. The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes. Coaches will need to "opt in" their rosters to all events in which the team will participate.

NCAA Education Seminar – Must be completed by all participating teams and players.

Completed tournament/event registration will include the following:
           1.     Registration and payment on
           2.     Submit all required information through the NCAA BBCS system
                    a.    Enter all the players and coaches information
                    b.    Opt in the each event that the team will participate in

Failure to register or to submit all required information in the NCAA BBCS system will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA certified summer events.
          3.     Return to at a later date to fill out the roster that will be placed in the college coaches book.  We do not use the NCAA roster for the college coaches books.

Failure to complete all steps will result in the team being removed from the event without a refund.

NCAA Team Registration BBCS - CLICK HERE