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Home team will have to provide the clock or bookkeeper for each game.

Schedules are not final until the registration. 

Teams will be able to register and pick up tournament at their first game site.


1, 2, 3, 4                       

1022 Madison Avenue        Montgomery, Alabama 36104    
Court 5
Had to change to Goodwyn due to leak at Houston Hill
Goodwyn Middle School

209 Perry Hill Rd 
Montgomery, AL 36109

Court 6 Therapeutic Rec Community Center
604 Augusta Ave
Montgomery, AL 36111
Court 7

Cleveland Ave YMCA
1201 Rosa L Parks Ave
Montgomery, AL 36108

Court 8 Alabama Christian Academy

4700 Wares Ferry Rd 
Montgomery, AL 36109


Team List

Division Team Name
Dexter Ave AL Southern Starz 2018-Harris
Capital of Dreams AL Southern Starz 2018-Looney
Kings Monument AL Southern Starz 2019-Bush
Selma AL Southern Starz 2019-Veal
Tuskegee Airman AL Southern Starz 2020-Bush
Tuskegee Airman AL Southern Starz 2020-Veal
Rosa Parks AL Southern Starz 2021-Looney
Riverwalk AL Southern Starz 2022
Tuskegee Airman Alabama blazers
Kings Monument Alabama Heat 10th
Dexter Ave Alabama Heat 11th Dukes
Capital of Dreams Alabama Heat 11th Ward
Hank Williams Alabama Heat 7th/8th
Tuskegee Airman Alabama Heat 9th
Tuskegee Airman Alabama Lynx 2020
Selma Alabama Thunder
Tuskegee Airman Alabama Thunder
Freedom March Alabama Twisters
Kings Monument Alabama Twisters Elite Gunn (10th)
Tuskegee Airman Alabama Twisters Tanner
Kings Monument All-Alabama 10th
Capital of Dreams All-Alabama 11th
Selma Auburn Raptors
Freedom March Baton Rouge Lady Elite
Selma Big Bend Ballerz
Kings Monument Blazers Exposure BLACK
Capital of Dreams Blazers Exposure RED
Rosa Parks Blazers Exposure SILVER
Tuskegee Airman Blazers Exposure WHITE
Freedom March College Park Rim Rockers
Hank Williams College Park Rim Rockers
Freedom March Enterprise Lady Thunder 11th Grade
Kings Monument Essence 2019s
Tuskegee Airman Essence 2020s
Rosa Parks Essence 2021s
Dexter Ave Essence Black
Selma Essence Burke
Capital of Dreams Essence Purple/TipHayes3
Dexter Ave FBC 2018 Lyons
Selma FBC 2019 Blackmon
Kings Monument FBC DEE
Freedom March FBC S.E. Blazers Red
Selma Florida Nuggets
Hank Williams Florida Sparks
Tuskegee Airman Lady Hoop Legends
Riverwalk Lady Hoop Legends 2021
Selma Lady Sparks
Freedom March Ms Lady Ballers
Tuskegee Airman OMG TGE 2020 (Girls)
Freedom March pensacola lady lightning
Riverwalk pensacola lady lightning
Rosa Parks Team Elite 8th - Pointer
Riverwalk Team Elite Black 8th
Rosa Parks Team Elite Brown
Tuskegee Airman Team Elite Columbus 2020 J. Woods
Hank Williams Team Elite Columbus 2021 M. Woods
Hank Williams Team Elite Columbus 2022 C. Crowell
Riverwalk Team Elite dream 8
Selma Team elite dream jr
Hank Williams Team Elite Franklin
Hank Williams Team Elite Grooms 6th
Dexter Ave Team Elite Hoopstars Black
Freedom March Team Elite Hoopstars Select
Riverwalk Team Elite Hubbard 7th
Selma Team Elite Jackson 11th
Dexter Ave Team Elite McHenry 11th
Kings Monument Team Elite Pointer 10th
Hank Williams Team Elite Stackhouse
Rosa Parks Team Evans 14U
Selma Team Evans 16U
Dexter Ave TEAM TN Glory-Richardson 17U girls
Kings Monument TN Flight 10th
Capital of Dreams TN Flight 11th

** Be sure to check back for any changes to the schedule **