Saturday, January 18th
3:00p Nova Chamberlain
4:30p  Florida Prep     Strawberry Crest
6:00p St. Francis Armwood
7:30p Miami Country Day Tampa Bay Tech
Monday, January 20th 
11:00a Braden River Nova
12:30p Florida High Miami Country Day
2:00p Tampa Bay Tech St. Francis
3:30p St. Thomas Plant
5:00p Chamberlain Armwood

Game Rules

  • NIKE balls will be provided for warmup, halftime and game ball. 
  • Water will be provided but also, please plan on bringing bottled drinking water.
  • Certified athletic trainers will be on site, but players wishing to be taped prior to games must provide their own tape and pre-wrap.
  • First  team listed  is the home team and will wear light uniforms. The second team listed is the away team and will wear dark uniforms.
  • In accordance with NFHS rules there will be four 8-minute quarters, a 10-minute half-time, 5 time-outs per game, lane players may go on the release – they do not need to wait for the ball to hit the rim, and bonus will start at 7 fouls and double-bonus at 10.
  • Each team will have a minimum of ten minutes to warm-up.