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NCAA Certification Process

All ROSTER for Class of 2025 - 2029 must enter ROSTER in Basketball Certification System (BBCS)

The NCAA requires all individuals that engage in coaching activities at an NCAA certified event must be approved BEFORE participating through USA Basketball and the Basketball Certification System (BBCS).


1. You will be required to obtain a USA Basketball Gold License. The NCAA Enforcement Certification and Approval Group (ECAG) has adopted the USA Basketball Gold License program as a requirement  to participate in coaching activities/sit on a team's bench during an NCAA-certified event.

2. After receiving your USAB Gold License number, the NCAA requires ALL coaches (head coaches and assistants)

3. ALL players to create accounts on the Basketball Certification Site (BBCS).

To renew your USAB gold license:

  • Visit and click "GET LICENSED" or "RENEW".
  • Once you are registered and are LOGGED IN, you will land on your dashboard. Click “START” next to “BACKGROUND SCREENING” to begin your background screen through Sterling Volunteers.
  • On your dashboard, select CONTINUE and click the START button to complete the two required courses – Developing You Coaching Craft and SafeSport.

To renew/register in the BBCS:

  • Follow the steps in the Operator or Coach Registration links.

New App!  Since most coaches and athletes access the BBCS through their phones, we have created an easier way to access the system and our resources.  Please scan the QR code below (or click this link if you are reviewing this email from your phone: NCAA Basketball Certification) then tap the icon at the bottom of your phone screen and scroll down until you see “Add to home screen”.  

Instructions for obtaining your USAB gold license,

Basketball Certification System (BBCS)