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Coaches Check-In

Welcome to  Basketball on the Bayou. The following are important details, terms, and conditions that must be read, understood, and abided by all head coaches and club directors.

ALL TEAMS SHOULD HAVE MADE THE HOTEL RESERVATIONS THROUGH RBA TRAVEL.  If you have not done your reservations through RBA travel, you will be charged a $300.00 penalty. If you still need rooms, please contact or 850.556.1209.


 Coaches' Registration 
Registration is MANDATORY. Only coaches need to attend registration. Players do not need to be present. At this time you will receive all credentials, updates, and other important information. ALL COACHES MUST WEAR THEIR CREDENTIALS ON THE BENCH AT ALL TIMES.

At the Coaches Check-In: Each coach has to be present in order to participate to receive credentials to coach on the bench. 3 Coaches with certification per team. Coaches will have to show ID, sign-off. Players do not have to be present at check-in.

Thursday, July 22nd
9:00a – 4:00p Room 255  
4:00p – 8:00p Downstairs Lobby

Friday, July 23rd
8:15a - 12:00p Downstairs Lobby

New Orleans Morial Convention Center
900 Convention Center Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70130

Any coaches that loss the credentials will be charged $25.00 for new credentials. Any coaches with damaged credentials and need a new one must present the damaged credential and will be charged $5.00 to replace.



Hi coaches and mangers for teams participating in the 2019 Basketball on the Bayou,

We want to make the check in process as quick and smooth as possible for all of you. So here is a list of things to double check to insure that it is:

1.) All coaches must bring ID to check in. 3 certified coaches per team. Players do not have to come to registration. Please do not bring the team to the check-in area, they will not be allowed. Coaches will sign off all rosters. 

2.) All coaches must be NCAA certified and listed on the official NCAA roster . We only give credentials to certified coaches.

3.) Please double check all NCAA rosters - (double check that all of your players have been added to your roster and your jersey numbers are correct..)

4.) Please note that players are only allowed to play with 1 team the entire tournament (they can NOT be listed on 2 rosters). 

5.) Players will have to show UNIFORMS  in order to get into the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS!!



Rosters for the collegiate recruiting guides will be printed directly from the NCAA BBCS. The building of your roster requires your athletes' participation.

Rosters must be opted in and built on the NCAA BBCS . This is strictly enforced; teams failing to comply will be removed from the event and no refunds will be issued.

Make sure the numbers are correct to your team(s) uniforms in the NCAA BBCS system.




No person will be admitted into any venue without proper credentials. Credentials will be issued for players and coaches who are listed on your roster on the final date of submission.

All other persons, including parents, boosters, fans, statisticians, videographers, managers, etc. will be required to pay an admission fee, display a paid credential, and sit in a designated area. This is designed to provide strict segregation between athletes, NCAA-approved coaches, fans, and visiting college coaches.

Extra player or coach credentials do not exist. For this reason it is critical to have your roster submitted and updated.

Spectator credentials will be placed on the arm by an event staff member. Please do not complain as no credentials will be allowed to be placed on purses, key chains, etc. Fans and/or family members wearing coach or player credentials will be removed from the event and not permitted to return.



All teams are responsible for bringing their own basketballs for warm-up. The designated home team may select the ball used for competition. 

NO OUTSIDE GATORADES OR POWERADES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE BENCH. No outside food will be allowed in the facilities.  Only bottled drinks allowed on the bench.



A certified athletic trainer will be on duty at all times during the event. Athletes who wish to be taped prior to games must provide their own athletic tape and pre-wrap and arrive at least one hour prior to the scheduled game time. There are athletic trainers on call at off-site